Rental Policies

KIP Development’s Rental Policies

General Requirements

  • Valid picture ID is required for all rental showings and rental applications.
  • Each applicant must qualify individually unless they are a married couple.
  • Applications must be filled out completely and signed by both married spouses.
  • Student rental applications with Little or no prior rental history will be required to have a lease co-signer.
  • Co-signers must pay a $30.00 application fee prior to processing of co-signer rental application.
  • Approved rental applications will hold the rental unit for 48 hours for applicant(s) to sign lease agreement, after 48 hours we will continue to market the property for rent.
  • Non-smoking units, as identified on KIPDEV website, are reserved only for non-smokers with no smoking allowed on the premises, including yards and common areas.
  • Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old to enter into a lease agreement.
  • Prepayment of the last month rent and all deposit are required of all applicant(s) at time of lease signing.
  • Payment of first months rent is required prior to move into the rental unit.
  • Pets or animals are no longer allowed at any of our rental locations.
  • NSF check payments to KIP Development during the term of the lease will result in the requirement of all future payments to KIP to be made by cash, money order, or cashiers bank check or online payment

Rental Requirements:

  • Three years verifiable residence history from a third-party landlord is required, or a co-signer may be required.
  • Home ownership shall be verified by submittal of tax assessor’s statement or by credit report.
  • One (1) or more three-day notice (pay rent or vacate) from past landlord will result in denial.
  • Two (2) or more NSF checks in past two years will result in denial.
  • Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent or damage balance due to past landlord or management will result in application denial.
  • Any past unlawful detainer action, or eviction will result in denial.
  • Any rental history upon which previous landlord or management refuses to re-rent to applicant will result in denial.
  • Rental history reflecting property damages, not paid for, will result in denial.
  • Rental history reflecting past disturbance of the peace, complaints, or failure to abide by the rules may result in denial.
  • Rental history reflecting pet violations will result in denial.
  • Section 8 or HUD subsidized, rental applications will result in denial.

Income & Credit Guidelines:

  • Income Guidelines may be waived for full-time student applications or a Co-signer may be required.
  • Monthly income must equal approximately three (3) times monthly rent.
  • If the monthly income does not equal approximately three times the monthly rent an additional one months prepaid rent or qualified co-signer may be required.
  • Co-signers income should equal five (5) times monthly rent.
  • Unemployed individual(s) applications will need to provide some form of verifiable income source or co-signer.
  • Tax returns, bank statements, paychecks, or employer confirmation are acceptable income verifiers.
  • Non-married roommates are jointly and severally (individually) liable for all rents & funds due on lease agreement.
  • Co-signers are jointly liable for all funds due related to the lease agreement.
  • Good credit is required.
  • A verifiable Social Security number is required
  • Non USA citizens may be required to have a co-signer or pay additional amount in prepaid rent
  • The non-existence of a credit rating may in result denial or require a lease Co-signer.
  • Outstanding bad debt(s) being reported on credit history report may result in denial or require an additional month(s) pre-paid rent.
  • Collections on credit report may result in denial or require an additional month(s) pre-paid rent.
  • Non-discharged bankruptcy(s) on credit report will result in denial.
  • Discharged bankruptcy(s) on credit report may result in denial or an additional month(s) pre-paid rent.

Automatic Application Denials:

  • Registered sexual predators or offenders.
  • Applicants lack of Social Security number
  • Any felony offense.
  • Any criminal conviction where the applicant has been out of jail less than 10 years.
  • Any criminal offense of physical or violent nature against people or property.
  • Collection efforts filed by past landlord or property management companies.
  • Any past unlawful detainer action or eviction.
  • Incomplete or unverifiable information on rental application.
  • Discrepancies between rental application and verified information.
  • Any rental history upon which previous landlord or management refuses to re-rent to applicant(s) will result in denial.

Deposits & Occupancy:

  • Residential Occupancy is limited by the City of Pullman Code Section 17.75.075
  • Damage & Security Deposit normally equal one months rent but may vary.
  • Non-related roommates exceeding the number of bedrooms in the unit will be required to pay an additional $250 deposit for each extra person if allowed occupancy by the owner, in addition to the normal deposit requirement.
  • Non-related roommates exceeding the number of bedrooms in the unit will be required to pay an additional $75.00 per month in rent for each extra person in addition to the normal applicable monthly rental rate.
  • Owner reserves the right to limit occupancy to not exceed one person per bedroom, exceptions may be granted with prior approval on a case by case basis.

Rental Applications & Lease Renewals:

•A completed Rental Application to rent is required for each person residing in one of our rental units.
•There is no Rental Application fee unless a co-signer is required.
•Co-signers must send their application fee for $30. with the application prior to processing the application.
•Married persons may submit one rental application.
•A non-refundable “move in” and or “renewal fee” of $25. per person is due at lease signing or at time of lease renewal.

Co-signer Applications:

•Co-signers may fill out a rental application online or down load one from our website and mail it along with the $30. application fee. (See kipdev’s rental policies)
•Applications will not processed until the application fee is paid.
•Co-signers a jointly liable for the tenants obligations under the lease agreement and will be required to sign the lease agreement.
Please Note: 

  • All C-signer applicants must submit seperate applications from the occupants and roommates
  • It very important to identify on the cosigner application the person or persons on behalf the cosigner is applying for

Please make co-signer credit check fees in the amount of $30.00 payable to KIP Development

Mail check and copy of Rental application to:

KIP Development
P.O. Box 642
594 SE Bishop Blvd., Suite 102
Pullman, WA 99163

Co-signer’s credit application(s) will not be processed until fees are paid in full.

For questions please contact or office M-F, 8am-5pm
509.334.7444 or email us:

Lease Terms:

•Typically all our leases are for a 12 month lease term.
•All out leases end three days before the end of the month in which the lease terminates.
•10 & 11 month leases are available for an extra charge per month.
•Occasionally we will offer “month to month” leases terms, if available, will be listed on our ” Currently Available Apartments”

Damage and Security Deposits:

•Deposits vary, but generally are equal to one months rents.
•Deposit requirements may vary depending on the strength of the rental application and rental references
•Groups of roommates applying for a rental unit that exceed the number of bedrooms in the unit, shall pay an extra $250 dollars Deposit per person that exceed the number of bedrooms in the unit (exceptions are immediate related family members)


•Landlord typically pays water sewer and garbage at multifamily apartment locations.
•Single family and town-home locations, tenants typically pay Water, Sewer & Garbage
•Tenants are always responsible for Electricity, Natural Gas, Phone and Internet access
•Please check our property listing as to which Utilities the landlord pays at your location

Roommates & Extra Roommates:

•Roommates jointly and severally responsible for the terms and obligation of the lease agreement
•Roommates exceeding the number of bedrooms in a unit are subject to a additional Rental charge of $75. per month for each person the resides in the rental unit that exceed the number of bedrooms in the unit (exceptions are immediate related family members)